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About Us

Where we Started

T3 training started on a Saturday morning at a local rugby club with myself and Danny Maun. At the beginning it was a group of friends who wanted to do some outdoor exercise. Danny Maun and I wanted to do something a bit different from a normal circuit so we used tyres, prowlers sledge, farmer’s walks, etc… As more people got involved we increased sessions. In 2014 I along with a couple of friends organise an obstacle course charity event for Kirkwood hospice which we called T3 Farm Challenge. We raised £4,906.26. This event is now in its third year and has raised a total of £23,480.44 so far.

Meet the Team

Danny Thomas

Director of T3 Wellbeing Centre, Personal Trainer, Young Persons Support.

James Ashton

Director of T3 Wellbeing Centre, T3 Wellbeing General Manager

Mark Barlow


Whats happening at T3

Dan’s T3 Training

We Specialist in all over body workouts for all Ages and Abilities.

We are passionate about making sure our customers who will most likely turn into our friends can come to a friendly environment and workout with no pressure to keep up to anyone but themselves.

T3 Training is all about getting real results for real people whilst having fun along the way. One is our famous quotes is ‘Train With A Smile’ which sums up what we are all about really.

We also specialist in Strength/Conditioning for sports people or teams.

T3 Farm Challenge

Over the last three years we have raised over £20000 for Kirkwood Hospice organising a obstacle course event over 5k.

It has been a huge success and we are very much looking forward to this year’s event.


Our facilities include Cryotherapy Treatment, Dean White Muay Thai, S.L Academy Of Dance, Energised Training, Nicola’s Cafe.